Michael Jackson History World Tour Golden Jacket

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Michael Jackson Bad Tour Punk Badges Jacket

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Michael Jackson Jam Golden Belt Jacket

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Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Costume

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Striking Collection of Michael Jackson Costume throughout His Life

Let’s start with the discussion regarding fans who not only take inspiration from an ideal personality, but they follow them with the great interest. You might be aware of different famous personalities like Elvis Presley, James Brown and Freddie Mercury, but no one can beat the talent of Michael Jackson in the Hollywood world. He is known as the American singer, songwriter, and dancer who has entertained the audience with this superb appearance. If we start talking about the qualities of Michael Jackson, then no one knows how time passes. Jackson’s assistance to music, dance, and fashion, along with his revealed personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.Michael Jackson won hundreds of awards in his history and become the popular music artist in the world. You will be inspired by his many another achievement that includes Guinness World Record and known as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time.If you will just search for the clothing of Jackson, then you will find a wide range of collection that is different from one another and looks incredible. Fans of Michael Jackson would definitely prefer to buy his apparel to impress others. You can check the superb clothing that will give you stunning look of your favorite person in the world.


Michael Jackson Thriller Costume

Thriller is the sixth studio album by the famous American singer Michael Jackson. It was released on 30 November 1982. The best thing is that it was sold in one million copies per week at its peak. The Thriller Costume is one of the famous pieces of Jackson that is copied by many people. His costume is in red color with black stripes on the jacket that look amazing to wear. Also, he wears black loafers with his costume that look incredible while wearing with the complete costume. After the album, he becomes the King of Pop. The worth of his jacket is 1.8 million and from 1986 to 1998, it has grown to be Halloween trendy costume.


Michael Jackson Beat It Costume

“Beat It” is a song written and performed by an American artist Michael Jackson from his sixth studio album. It was released on 14 February 1983 and it was ranked on 81 number on Rolling Stones. His Beat It song is also known as the famous one in which he wore a red jacket and black pant with black loafers that increases the charm of his personality. Many of the fans love to wear his Beat It Costume at Halloween Parties to portray the best artist in the world.


Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume

Billie Jean is also known to be a famous song sung by Michael Jackson and it is released on 2 January 1983. You will be inspired with the Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume that is available in black color. It has black sequin jacket with a white armband and black pant with a white stripe on it increase the allure of the personality. He has worn white sequin hand gloves, fedora hat, and loafers that give him stunning look among fans. Chris Brown and Bruno Mars, and many more superstars’ fans copied his costumes and wore it to impress their followers.


Michael Jackson Bad Costume

Bad is the seventh studio album by America songwriter and singer Michael Jackson. It was released on 31 August 1987 and is one of the best-selling albums, with an estimated 35 million copies sold worldwide. He wore his black costume while performing Bad album. The costume is in black color with a red stripe on pants that looks amazing to wear. In addition, he wore black gauntlet, cowboy shoes with bullhead buckle at the back that looks more attractive. You can also copy this costume for the upcoming event to portray your favorite character.


Michael Jackson Jam Satin Jacket Costume

Jam is a single by the American singer and songwriter. It is the fourth single from his 1991 single album Dangerous. You will find wearing him two different costumes that are different from one another that will give you superb look whenever you wish to wear it. The first costume is in classy color with a striking jacket and simple pants. Check the golden belt that looks more attractive with black loafers that gives him a more charming look.


Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Costume

Smooth Criminal is also a famous song that is released on 24 October 1988. Smooth Criminal is the Michael Jackson’s signature songs and he has appeared on numerous greatest hits albums. In this song, he wore a white tuxedo that looks eye-catching on him. He wore a white fedora hat and white tie with his costume for a pleasing look. You will find him wearing a blue shirt inside the tuxedo. Check his oxford lean shoes that help him in perform his famous dance step in his song. To portray a character you can get his costume and wear it on a special occasion.


Michael Jackson Jam Golden Belt Costume

Another Jam Costume is in black color that includes a jacket with a golden stripe on the band and golden belted style on the front that looks amazing on him. Check white gauntlet and black loafers that will help to complete the appearance.


Michael Jackson Blood On The Dance Floor Costume

Blood on the Dance Floor is a fantastic song by Michael Jackson. It was released on 21 March 1997 and stunned many audiences at the concert. You might be inspired with the Blood on the Dance Floor Costume that is a red suit. It is one of the fantastic pieces that include a shirt, jacket, and pant that give a Michael outstanding look. With the complete costume, here you will find black shoes that look amazing to wear with this inspiring costume of American singer and songwriter Michael Jackson.


Michael Jackson History World Tour Golden Costume

The History World Tour was the final worldwide solo concert tour by American artist Michael Jackson. He starts his concert with his golden costume that looks stunning. He comes on the stage with body armor and mask, and then he takes them out and begins his performance. His jacket is in satin fabric with golden and silver color that looks amazing, and the trouser is in golden color that will give you eye-pleasing look. Moreover, you will find his arm guard and leg armor that gives a complete look of a singer Michael Jackson.


Michael Jackson Bad Tour Satin Jacket Costume

Bad was the first solo concert tour by American recording artist Michael Jackson launched in support of his seventh studio album bad (1987). In his Bad Tour concert, you will find him wearing a grey satin jacket with arm belt that looks amazing to wear. With the jacket, he wears the black pant with leg armor belt that everyone needs to complete his costume. The style of the jacket and belt mentioned on the waist increases the charm of the personality.

From the fascinating collection of the Michael Jackson Costumes, you can have your best one as per your choice. All are different and stylish so that everyone can take inspiration with it.