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Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume Guide

Michael Jackson – The King of Pop has given the audience masterpieces of pop music including Billie Jean in the album of Thriller in 1983. As the signature move of Michael Jackson that is the ‘moonwalk’ has been motioned in the video song Billie Jean featuring Michael Jackson is responding to the woman who has been stalking him. As cool the personality of Michael Jackson is, so are the moves and voice of him. The fanhood lies within several thousands of people adoring him till the day.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Sequin Jacket


Michael Jackson Billie Jean Jacket

The outfit surely says a lot about the character itself. Michael Jackson has set up his image as the personality featuring every fashion outlook with unique and attractive outfits. The sequin jacket that he has featured while composing the music video of Billie Jean is made of cotton blend lined with a polyester lining. The shine of the material is enough to explain the classiness of the personality he withholds. The jacket has full sleeves with open hem cuffs and a stand collar. As a patch of design, the silver lining is sewed on the right sleeve highlighting the funkiness of nature.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean White T-shirt

Michael Jackson Billie Jean T-Shirt

To complement the shiny black jacket, Michael Jackson has carried out the look with a white plain inner t-shirt. The t-shirt has a V-neck and is made of pure cotton to soothe your skin as well. This combo enhances the look of the costume and makes this apparel reach a level of following for all the fans.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Pants

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Pant

The pair of pants that Michael Jackson has worn in the making of the video of Billie Jean has an exception silver stripe on the side of the entire pant. This matches with the rest of the costume and executes the coolness that MJ suppresses.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Hair Wig

MJ Wig

Michael Jackson Wig

The hairstyle of Michael Jackson can now be imitated with accuracy because of this adjustable rose net hair wig. The wig is highly resistant to high temperature and gives a perfect look that you seek.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Hat




Michael Jackson Billie Jean Hat

The Michael Jackson Hat has the common cotton material with exclusive lining and a strap right on it. You may get this hat in pure black color.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Gloves

MJ Glove

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Glove

The gloves that Michael Jackson has carried with style in Billie Jean are made of polyester and satin. There are studs embossed on it and is comforted with a soft inner lining.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Socks


Michael Jackson Billie Jean Socks

The socks are something that Michael Jackson has always sorted out uniquely. The material is pure polyester with sequins attached. This is available in silver color.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Shoes

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Shoes

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Socks

These real leather shoes are about to complete the look of Michael Jackson from Billie Jean music video. The pair of shoes have soft, cozy insole with a deep-seated outsole.

The persona of his personality is carried out classically with particulars matching the combination of his costume.

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