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Michael Jackson Thriller Costume Guide

When it comes to pop music with the combination of an outstanding dancing, Michael Jackson is the only name that bangs right away in our minds. The ‘King of Pop’ has given the music industry a ton of exclusive pop and rock songs. Thriller is one of a master-piece that he released in his album ‘Thriller’ in 1983; the video has been recorded with immense music featuring the zombie dance on the streets where Michael Jackson is even turned into a zombie and embarks upon the dance that has been his signature since always. Where Michael Jackson sets the bar high in the music that he produced, at the same time he raised the bar in the fashion industry as well. The classic outfits that Michael Jackson has been featuring are what all the fans desire to get their hands on.

Michael Jackson Thriller  Jacket


Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

The red and black hot leather Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket has carried out in his exclusive piece Thriller, is now available for you to get your hands on. The Michael Jackson Thriller jacket is composed of faux leather enhancing the look of the jacket along with the zipping and snap tab closure with embossed designs. The belted strapped hemmed cuffs enable the jacket to be uptight and give the exact look that Michael Jackson had portrayed in Thriller.

Michael Jackson Thriller Red Pants


Michael Jackson Red Thriller Pant

The pants that accompany the outfit of Michael Jackson are in hot red pants made of vinyl with signature black stripes and a zipper on the front. The pants are suitable for every individual because of the elastic waist.

Michael Jackson Thriller Hair Wig

Michael Jackson Thriller Wig

Gear up in the exact look of Michael Jackson in Thriller in this sexy afro wig. Get the looks of 60s by puffing this hair wig and show the moves of some moon dance right away.

Michael Jackson Thriller T-Shirt

Michael Jackson Red Thriller T- Shirt

To get the pop rock styled outfit, get your hands on this red 100% cotton t-shirt having a durable and super soft fabric for you to enjoy. The body to fit t-shirt with half sleeves is about to comfort your look.

Michael Jackson Thriller Shoes


Michael Jackson Thriller Shoes

The combination of black leather shoes are complimenting the outfit of Michael Jackson in

The Michael Jackson Thriller Costume is what you need to add in your wish list and grab it as soon as possible.

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