Michael Jackson American Music Award 1984 Jacket

$398.00 $289.00

Product Specification:

  • Material: Cotton (Embroidered)
  • Closure: Buttoned (Styled Buttons)
  • Collar: Stand Up
  • Cuffs: Open Hem
  • Color: Red
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Michael Jackson American Music Award 1984 Red Sequin Jacket

The 1984 American Music Awards was once in a lifetime kind of thing that ever happened in the music industry. Yes, we are talking about that unforgettable night when Michael Jackson received 8 Grammy Awards for his 1982 album Thriller and the whole crowd was completely aware of the fact that he deserved each one of them and that any amount of awards cannot possibly describe the worth of MJ, the King of Pop who had earned so much in life in such a short time period.

That night was magical, and every element was serving towards that magic, and definitely, his attire was one of the major reasons why every time when he got up on the stage, it felt like he completely owned it! The confidence, the charm, the humbleness, and the handsome yet cute looks, Michael was a complete package! This is the reason why we all remember this jacket so vividly from that night. There cannot be a single MJ fan who wouldn’t recognize this jacket. Hence, it was necessary to bring this one to you. Michael’s designers, and more specifically his personal costume designer; Michael Bush once said in an interview that Michael would sit with him and see how the design of his upcoming dress could be altered. This can be seen through the way Michael owned this jacket when on stage; the bright color, the design, the outlook, everything seemed perfect and Michael seemed content as it was evident by his looks and confidence!

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