Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

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Product Specification:

  • External Material: PU or Faux Leather
  • Internal Material: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Buttoned Down
  • Collar: Stand Up
  • Cuffs: Open Hem with Belted Adjustment
  • Colour: Red & Black
  • Designed by: Deborah Landis
Genuine Leather
Faux Leather
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Michael Jackson Red Thriller Leather Jacket

This jacket that is presented to you here doesn’t really need an introduction. Every MJ fan or even someone who watched him not that regularly would recognize this jacket way too easily and that is the beauty of it. Yes, this is the exact copy of the jacket that Michael Jackson wore in his title video for his album Thriller. The same album which had record-breaking success with 8 Grammy awards! The whole album is definitely a treat to the ears, but this specific title song Thriller is just something that stays with you for the rest of your lives. Everything about this music video is so on point and even if you are not a fashion freak, you would still be able to recognize the way this jacket stands out in the video and how it makes MJ look so appealing that all his dance moves seem to be in collaboration with the way he is looking. The designer of this particular jacket, Deborah Landis have quoted in several interviews that she herself was amazed by the beauty of it. As if everything just worked well with each other. Furthermore, she explained the approach taken in order to design this jacket which is usually referred to as reductive design. She explains that in this method, you try to see what will not work out, for example, to choose the color, you need to see what will be perfect for every instance that has been recorded in the video.

The silhouette of the jacket, the V style which gives MJ a lot of weight and steadiness for his role and the way the dance moves are made much more clear through the way he looks, just everything about this jacket is perfect. A lot of people since the release of the Thriller video back in 1982 have been wanting to acquire this style and even after almost 4 decades, we still love this jacket and even more so as we are sure that this Thriller jacket is a once in a lifetime kind of design and it can probably never go out of fashion!

Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Faqs

Who Has Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket?

Michael Jackson wore this Classic red jacket in 1983 in his Thriller video. That’s why this jacket has been known as a Thriller Jacket. On 27 June 2011. A Texan gold trader name Milton Verret bought this iconic jacket.

Where Is The Thriller Jacket Now?

On 27 June 2011, the Thriller jacket was sold at Julien’s Auction. The buyer Milton Verret said that he would use this jacket to raise for money for children charities, and he plans to display it at Austin’s Dell Children’ Hospital. The earnings from the jacket were donated to the Shambala Animal Kingdom, where Jackson’s Bengal tigers were housed.

How Much Is Michael Jackson’s Jacket worth?

After the two year death anniversary of Michael Jackson, the popular thriller jacket was sold out at Julien’s Auction. The price worth of the thrilling jacket was approximately $1.8 Million. The buyer Milton Verret spend a huge amount of money to get this Thriller Jacket.

Who Designed The Costumes For Thriller?

The two famous designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush designed the costumes for the thriller jacket. This inner lining is inscribed” To Bush and Denis, All my love Michael Jackson, and the sleeves are signed “Love Michael Jackson.”

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

  1. Farron John

    Smells of synthetic leather at first which is unpleasant, but it fades completely in about a week. That is a sign that this is made of the best quality.

  2. Dillon

    Just got the jacket today. And I loved it, no trouble at all except for the confirmation of the order. It looked like I got another reply to usually what I was supposed to get. They then messaged me immediately and stayed with me throughout, especially sending another piece to another city.

  3. MJThriller

    I know that I could fit in any size. The only concern was the color and I’m THANKFUL that the website meant what they said. I want to order more jackets from here, as well as merchandises if they make any.

  4. Shane Edwards

    I got it just as a costume piece but I’m going to be wearing it this winter for the club scenes. Can’t wait.

  5. Josh.Bernard22

    This has fitted my expectations and I’m very happy with it.

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